COMIT & Blockchain Research Lab



Cross Blockchain Scalability.

We at CoBloX have committed to explore the disruptive potential of blockchain technologies and perform impactful research in order to create novel building blocks to scale the blockchain systems towards a broad adoption.


We believe that the more blockchains we connect the more value we bring.


We believe in opensource and open collaboration across blockchains.


We believe in empowering the community to freely innovate with an open platform.

Connecting Blockchains.
The Internet of Transactions.

We are developing COMIT: a cryptographically-secure off-chain multi-asset instant transaction network. It leverages the power of blockchains and smart contracts to facilitate cheap, fast and private cross-chain transactions.

COMIT Network

Solving Real Challenges.

Technology. Creativity. Problem Solving.

Philipp Hoenisch

Research Lead

Thomas Eizinger

Research Engineer

Franck Royer

Senior Software Engineer

Lloyd Fournier

Software Engineer

Lucas Soriano d. Pino

Junior Software Engineer

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